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The Videos page
(otherwise known as the reason this website exists)

Here you'll find all the random arrangements of video footage to music that Aquiline Studios has produced to date. Well, almost all of them, because Scintilla still refuses to admit that one of them exists.

Sorted by creator:

Scintilla Cyanna
Collaborative videos

Or, all of our videos listed alphabetically:

A Raven's Pride (S)
All for the Best (both)
Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop (S)
AMVじゃなイカ? (An Anime Music Squideo!) (S)
And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors (S)
Beauty and the Baka (C)
Dueling Videos: Under Ice (S)
Eikoden Trailer (S)
F L C AL (C)
Gibberish in Motion: When AMVs and Animutations Collide (S)
Haruko the Superfreak (S)
Hellsingboy (TV Spot) (S)
Keitaro and Naru's Christmas In July (C)
La Cane de Feu (C)
Love Love *SNAP* (S)
My Evil Alien (S)
Nausea in D Major (C)
Restless (S)
Rock Me Hideaki! (S)
The Live (C)
The NERV Evening News with Dan Rather (S)
The Prescott Affair (both involved)
These Angel Hearts (C)
This Is Otakudom: The Music Video (S)
Us Against the World (C)
Waka Laka (for Osaka) (S)

Last updated on 8/11/14
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