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My Evil Alien

"And if you have to leave... I wish that you would just leave"

Completion date: 1/4/05 (the date on the title card is incorrect, because I'm stupid)
Premiered: 1/7/05, here and at AMVs.org
Anime used: FLCL (aka FuriKuri or Fooly Cooly)
Artist: Evanescence
Song: My Immortal (Band Version)
Spoilers: I'll say yes, insofar as anything from FLCL can be a spoiler (if you haven't seen it, then you probably wouldn't understand what was going on anyway).

Download: XviD AVI (will play back with DivX 5), 512x384 (30.2 MB)

Convention record:
Best Drama/Romance at Sakura-Con 2005
Best Editing at Anime Boston 2005

Please ignore the incorrect date on the title card. As stated before, I was stupid and thought it was still 2004 when I typed it up.

For further notes, please consult this video's information page on AMVs.org.

Bumper music: Overture to Die Meistersinger von Nürnburg (Boogiepop Classical Mix) by Richard Wagner (and Yuki Kajiura)

Credits music: Whistled melody from Boogiepop Phantom, after Wagner's overture

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