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"I can't let you go, want you in my life..."

Completed: 6/9/07
Premiered: 7/6/07, at AnimeNEXT 2007

Anime used: Loveless
Artist: Lacara
Song: Everytime We Touch (Single Edit)
Spoilers: Don't believe so.

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MP4 x264 848x480 34.9 MB Download
AVI XviD 640x352 41.7 MB Download
MPEG MPEG-1 480x272 59.4 MB Download

  • Yes, you read that right. The highest-resolution version actually has the smallest file size. I love x264. ^_^
  • If you don't have the x264 and/or XviD codecs, you can get them at the links I provided. If for some reason you still can't get the MP4 to play, or if your machine can't handle the playback and it stutters, get the AVI version instead. The MPEG-1 should only be used if you can't play either of the other two.
  • The people at A-M-V.org have written up a great guide to playing back videos, which can be found here.

Convention record:
Winner, Drama category at AnimeNEXT 2007
Best Romance at Metrocon 2007
Best Romance/Sentimental at Animethon 14
Best Romance in the Anime Weekend Atlanta 13 Expo
Also a finalist at Nan Desu Kan 2007


I fail at coming up with good titles.

So naturally, what do you do when you have a serious Loveless video but you don't have a good title for it? You give it a one-word title that ends in "-less". :-P

Anyway! Finally back to releasing AMVs after two years without a new one.

I did not typo on the artist name. Not only did Lacara's version of "Everytime We Touch" come out two years before Cascada's, but it's also significantly BETTER, starting with the fact that it actually uses the ORIGINAL verses (none of this "I still hear your voice when..." crap).
Look it up on Discogs.com if you don't believe me. I imported the CD maxi-single all the way from Germany; I should know. :-P

(By the way, if you liked this song, check out the 7-minute-long Clubmix; it's even better. Because it's not a radio edit, it doesn't have to rush its buildups and transitions.)

Loveless is a shamelessly shounen-ai series that makes no apologies for it; this video is a shounen-ai video (as if you couldn't tell from the screenshots). If you have something against shounen-ai, don't watch it.

This marks my first summer video that's actually longer than two minutes (my first three were The NERV Evening News with Dan Rather, Alternate Eva Opening: Eva Bebop, and Waka Laka (for Osaka)), as well as my first time ever using Adobe After Effects in an AMV.
However, due to the nature of a good deal of the Loveless spell battle footage, I was able to do all the masking with only Adobe Premiere Pro's keying effects (Luma Key, Screen, Multiply, etc.); I only used After Effects for the 3D sequence all the way at the end. ^_^

For further notes, please consult this video's information page on A-M-V.org.

Bumper music: "Sync (EXTREME version)" by Outphase (Taq and DJ Taka)

Credits music: "Everytime We Touch" by Maggie Reilly (that's the original version of the song, by the way)

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