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The NERV Evening News with Dan Rather

"Mountains of credit card debt! A mountain of cocaine - TONS of cocaine."

Completion date: 4/30/03
Premiered: 5/1/03, on this site (linked to from AMVs.org)
Animé used: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Artist: The Evolution Control Committee (sampling Dan Rather and AC/DC)
Song: Rocked by Rape
Spoilers: One kinda subtle one (the identity of the 17th angel)

Download: MPEG-1, 320x240 (10.4 MB)
Or from AMVs.org, DivX 5 AVI, 640x480 (35.4 MB)

Convention record:
Finalist in the Humorous/Satirical category at Otakon 2003
Asuka Award co-winner (with "Haruko the Superfreak") at Nan Desu Kan 7
Winner of Best Comedy at Anime Weekend Atlanta 9's Video Art Expo
Also a participant in the PortConMaine 2003 AMV Contest


First there was Dan Rather doing the CBS Evening News.
Then came the Evolution Control Committee, who recorded lots and lots of the CBS Evening News, then cut up Rather's lines and made him rap to a rearranged AC/DC groove, thus creating "Rocked by Rape". (You can get an MP3 from the ECC's website to which I linked above; I highly recommend you do, because it's VERY funny.)
And then there was me, who cut out half the song and made this AMV to what was left.

Yeah, I thought it was pretty good when I made it, but looking back at it now, I really wish I had read A&E's A/V Guide before I'd made it. One of the basic mistakes I made was that, after I got about halfway through, I started making all the source clips I still had to make at 320x240 in order to save space. BAD idea as far as video quality is concerned. If I'd realized that I was going to send this sucker to Otakon, I wouldn't have done something like that, because the pixelization is pretty obvious when the video's played back at its full 640x480 resolution. And that is the major problem with the piece-of-crap DivX encode that I did and uploaded to the Org's Golden Donut months later. However, it's still of somewhat better quality than the MPEG version on this website.

Further information can be found at this video's information page on AMVs.org.

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