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And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors

"MCDONALD'S! MCDONALD'S! Kentucky Fried Chicken and the Pizza Hut!"

Completed: 5/18/10 (final version)
Premiered: 7/1/10 (first draft version), at Anime Expo 2010, and 7/3/10 (final version), at Japan Expo International 2010

Anime used: Code Geass and various others (the full list is in the video credits)
Artist: DJ Ötzi
Song: Burger Dance (International Remix)
Spoilers: No

Download: (For direct links, please right-click and select "Save As..."; for A-M-V.org link, just click it)
Format Codec Resolution Filesize Link
MP4 x264/AAC 640x480 24.4 MB Download
AVI XviD/MP3 512x384 31.9 MB Download

  • If you don't have the x264 and/or XviD codecs, you can get them at the links I provided. (The XviD version should also play back fine with the DivX decoder, version 5 or newer.) If for some reason you still can't get the MP4 to play, or if your machine can't handle the playback and it stutters, get the AVI version instead. If even that doesn't work, then let me know and I'll make an MPEG-1 version, which will play on anything.
  • Do not attempt to play the MP4 in QuickTime Player 7. It won't work.
  • The people at A-M-V.org have written up a great guide to playing back videos, which can be found here.

Convention record:
Best Comedy, Staff Favorite, and BEST IN SHOW at Anime Expo 2010
Prix du Public (Audience choice) at Japan Expo International 2010
BEST IN SHOW at Otakon 2010
Best Upbeat/Fun and Judges' Best Overall at Anime Evolution 2010
The Product Placement Award at Anime Weekend Atlanta 16's Expo contest
Best Comedy Video in the A-M-V.org Viewers Choice Awards 2011


As soon as I ran a Super Search on A-M-V.org and discovered that nobody had yet done this song to Code Geass, I was determined to remedy the situation. Cyanna's explanation that this song was actually a common camp song from her childhood (I had never heard of it as such) only made me more determined to do it.

Because honestly, you can't escape the Pizza Hut advertising in Code Geass: it is all over the place. Well, maybe not in Bandai Visual's North American release, but there's still pizza everywhere.

No screenshots I could possibly select would do this video justice. It has to be seen in motion for the full effect. And if you don't know the dance from your childhood, here's the moves, in both German AND English for your convenience! (Scanned straight from the CD-single's insert. Love those wacky Germans.)

At heart, this is really just a fun video. It makes me giggle and want to dance, and I hope it may do the same for you.

For further notes (much more thorough notes that I don't care to type out again), please consult this video's information page on A-M-V.org.

Bumper music: "Curtain Rise" from the Melty Blood: Actress Again soundtrack
Credits music: "Trigger Happy" by "Weird Al" Yankovic (see what we did there?)

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