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This Is Otakudom: The Music Video

"But how many times do I have to tell you? I'M NOT GAY!"

Completion and premiere date: 10/10/02
Animé used: Fushigi Yuugi, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and various
Artist: DJ PJ (sampling LA Style's "James Brown Is Dead")
Song: This Is Otakudom (I'm Not Gay!)
Spoilers: None

Download: Not available, IM me at VulpesSquared for a copy of the video


First there was LA Style and their early 90s techno hit, "James Brown Is Dead".

Then there was NoN.D.E. Films, who made the brilliant and hilarious fan parody "This Is Otakudom".
Then there was me, who remixed "James Brown Is Dead", threw in audio clips from "This Is Otakudom", and came out with This Is Otakudom: The Song (I'm Not Gay!) (yeah, my nomenclature's just SO original, isn't it? you can get an MP3 of it by following the link -- nowadays I think the song alone is better than the video).
A few days later, I put the song I'd made and the footage from "This Is Otakudom" into Windows Movie Maker 1 (which was all I had at the time) and came out with the video that is the subject of this page.
This was my first video ever, which explains why it just isn't that good.

There's not much more to be said. I was hosting this video on this site until I released "Haruko the Superfreak", at which point I had to drop it to make room for the new video (TCNJ only lets me have 50 MB of webspace, but I'm not complaining, because that's probably better than a lot of other colleges). If you want a copy, IM me at VulpesSquared... and make sure you have something that can play .WMV files.

I have a much-improved, redone-in-Premiere version of this video sitting unfinished on my hard drive right now. Knowing me, and considering I really just don't feel like re-doing the video anymore, it'll probably remain unfinished for a good long while.

Further information can be found at this video's information page on AMVs.org.

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