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Love Love *SNAP*

"La love you love you love you love you love sunshine!..."

Completed: 5/21/09
Premiered: 6/12/09, at AnimeNEXT 2009

Anime used: Magical Witch Punie-chan (AKA Dai Mahou Touge)
Artist: Riyu Kosaka
Song: Love ♥ Shine
Spoilers: No

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MP4 x264/AAC 704x480 (anamorphic) 15.4 MB from A-M-V.org
MP4 x264/AAC 704x480 (anamorphic) 15.4 MB Download
AVI XviD/MP3 512x384 23.1 MB Download

  • If you don't have the x264 and/or XviD codecs, you can get them at the links I provided. (The XviD version should also play back fine with the DivX decoder, version 5 or newer.) If for some reason you still can't get the MP4 to play, or if your machine can't handle the playback and it stutters, get the AVI version instead. If even that doesn't work, then let me know and I'll make an MPEG-1 version, which will play on anything.
  • Do not attempt to play the MP4 in QuickTime Player 7. It won't work.
  • The people at A-M-V.org have written up a great guide to playing back videos, which can be found here.

Convention record:
Runner-up in the Upbeat category at AnimeNEXT 2009
Winner, Dance/Upbeat category at Otakon 2009
Also a participant in the AMV contest at Animethon 16 and the Anime Weekend Atlanta 15 Expo contest


I have to thank the people at TV Tropes for alerting me to the existence of Magical Witch Punie-chan (original Japanese title: Dai Mahou Touge), a little OAV series that mercilessly parodies and subverts the magical girl genre at every turn.

Punie Tanaka is a princess from a world of magic and wonder (and very bright colors), with a wand, a transformation sequence, and a cute mascot... however, her enemies have the annoying habit of producing artifacts that are able to seal her magic. So what's a magical girl without magic to do? Why, get physical, of course!

Just watch the video. You'll understand what I'm talking about. And if it convinces someone to go watch this series that Cyanna called "even funnier than Excel Saga", then I've done my job.

(Note: I do not work for Media Blasters.)

For further notes, please consult this video's information page on A-M-V.org.

Bumper music: Sound effects and announcer from DDRMAX: Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (and DDRMAX2, and EXTREME)

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