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Gibberish in Motion: When AMVs and Animutations Collide

"You say Solo! We drink Ritalin! Precious love is always eating UP MY HEART!"

Completed: 9/6/13
Premiered: 9/27/13, at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013

Anime used: Various (the full list is in the video credits)
Artist: John Desire
Song: Hot Limit (featured in Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix)
Spoilers: I don't believe so?

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MP4 x264/AAC 640x480 29.2 MB Download
MP4 x264/AAC 640x480 29.2 MB from A-M-V.org

  • If you don't have the x264 codec, you can get it at the link I provided. If for some reason you still can't get the MP4 to play, or if your machine can't handle the playback and it stutters, let me know and I'll make an AVI or MPEG-1 version.
  • The people at A-M-V.org have written up a great guide to playing back videos, which can be found here.

Convention record:
"The Points Don't Matter" Award at Youmacon 2013
Selected for the preshow at Anime Expo 2014
Finalist in the Comedy category at Otakon 2014
Semifinalist in three categories of the A-M-V.org Viewers Choice Awards 2014
Also participated in Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013's Expo contest


If you've got a hankering for some pre-Web-2.0 nostalgia, and (like me) you have a sense of humor that favors the random and the absurd, then this may be the AMV for you. But first, let me set the scene...

The year is 2006. The North American animé market is booming, Konami's Dance Dance Revolution franchise is enjoying huge success in America, and a genre of Flash animations known as Animutations (with their own wiki, for those of you who wish to learn even more) have been spreading hilarity across the Internet for some time.
Amidst this backdrop, Scintilla decides to start on his most ambitious AMV yet, one that will bridge the gap between AMVs and Fanimutations (by using a DDR song, with which he has had good luck in 2005) and hopefully result in something that can be enjoyed by connoisseurs of both genres.

As it turns out, 2006 was to come and go without any new videos by Aquiline Studios whatsoever.

Fast-forward seven years. After failing to come up with anything decent in time for Otakon 2013, and knowing that his AMV plan for Otakon 2014 is even more massively ambitious, Scintilla FINALLY finishes this accursed video that's been sitting unfinished on his computer all this time, just in time for the AWA Expo.

After you've watched the video, you can find the explanations for all of the jokes (since I expect nobody to get all of them) at the video's information page on A-M-V.org.

Bumper music: None; just a Loading screen, in the best Flash tradition
Credits music: "Reclaim My Place" by Korn

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