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Keitaro and Naru's Christmas In July

"Get this winter over with!"

Completed: 5/31/07
Premiered: 7/6/07, at AnimeNEXT 2007
Animé used: Love Hina, Love Hina Christmas Special, Love Hina Spring Special
Artist: The Waitresses
Song: Christmas Wrapping
Spoilers: None

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Format Codec Resolution Filesize Link
MP4 x264 640x480 32.9 MB from A-M-V.org
AVI XviD 512x384 48.5 MB right here!

The MP4 is full resolution, but you must be a member of A-M-V.org in order to get it (membership is completely free).
If you don't have the x264 and/or XviD codecs, you can get them at the links I provided. If for some reason you still can't get the MP4 to play, or if your machine can't handle the playback and it stutters, get the AVI version instead.

Convention record:
Finalist in the Drama category at AnimeNEXT 2007
Finalist in the Upbeat/Rhythm category at Otakon 2007
Tied for 2nd place in the Romance/Sentimental category at AnimeUSA 2007


We all know what the world needs is more Love Hina Christmas videos and I'm more than happy to oblige. :P

To be honest I really don't have a lot to say about this one. I've never made such a heavily lyric-synched video before. In a weird way it felt like the song did a lot for the thinking for me. But over time, the concept just amused me more and more as I found out how much I could get away with.

I guess it's worth noting that with this video I "graduated" out of WMM and I LOOOOOVE Mudkips having new new powers at my disposal...like non-linear editing.

The moral of the story? Keep believing, love finds you when you least expect it, and always always ALWAYS apply TFM to your Love Hina footage before editing.

Further information can be found at this video's information page on AMVs.org.

Bumper music: "Sync (EXTREME version)" by Outphase (Taq and DJ Taka)

Credits music: "This Is Your Crappy Christmas Present" by Cosmicity

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