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A Raven's Pride

"But your words are flying high..."

Completed: 5/31/08
Premiered: 6/20/08, at AnimeNEXT 2008

Anime used: Princess Tutu
Artist: Echo Image
Song: Need to be Proud
Spoilers: Yes; kind of big, but not huge.

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MP4 x264/AAC 704x480 (anamorphic) 36.1 MB Download
AVI XviD/MP3 640x480 40.6 MB Download

  • If you don't have the x264 and/or XviD codecs, you can get them at the links I provided. (The XviD version should also play back fine with the DivX decoder, version 5 or newer.) If for some reason you still can't get the MP4 to play, or if your machine can't handle the playback and it stutters, get the AVI version instead. If even that doesn't work, then let me know and I'll make an MPEG-1 version, which will play on anything.
  • Do not attempt to play the MP4 in QuickTime Player 7. It won't work.
  • The people at A-M-V.org have written up a great guide to playing back videos, which can be found here.

Convention record:
Winner, Drama category at AnimeNEXT 2008
Finalist at Japan Expo International 2008
Finalist at Otakon 2008
Best Character Profile in the Anime Weekend Atlanta 14 Expo


Echo Image owns you all (unless you happen to be Neuropa or Cosmicity) and you should all go buy their album Compuphonic, just like I did, because almost all the songs on it are good. And before I forget, thanks are due to VegettoEX and MeriC for alerting me in the first place to the fact that Echo Image was good.

Yeah, this one's a Rue/Kraehe character profile. Once I saw the series, I realized that the song was perfect for her. The bulk of the editing was done in the last two weeks of May, as I had a big scary actuarial exam to study for before that.

If you go to the video info page on A-M-V.org (link below), you'll find a little drabble-type thing that I wrote up to basically express what I was thinking when I edited this video. Hopefully it will help the video make more sense.

One free dub outtake with each download!

For further notes, please consult this video's information page on A-M-V.org.

Bumper music: "Sync (EXTREME version)" by Outphase (Taq and DJ Taka)

Credits audio: Official Princess Tutu dub outtakes by ADV Films

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