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aq-ui-line, adjustment possibility. To in regard, or it has the feature of [washi].
(Source: English, the American of 4th edition inheritance dictionary)

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3/10/11: Scintilla is exactly announced “now, winning the video of the comedy whose viewer fine prize 2011 of word from our sponsors” is best!
For your people who do not know, VCAs is the contest which every year is kept, (as for this it was 10th straight year when contest is kept!) AMVs everything which has the qualification of passing last year which votes by the entire community of Org. Therefore, I considerably (in order to receive that kind of prize be able to give reputation, somewhat, good competition how there was impact which is considered to be given,).

You appreciate in everyone who no every year it is large makes joining and VCAs!

11/3/10: Rather than we desiring, like dance of the hamburger it is spreading fast, it is visible -- Inspect cosplayer and that friend of this Singaporean human zero which obtains the heat of the first hood!

9/13/10: The video whose is new from Cyanna: “Evil intention of the major student of D which is released for the first time with Otakon 2010 as a final entered athlete of section of comedy”. It seems that Nodame flows your very sickness where am of ““I of Yankovic incomprehensible Al”” -- As for me can being that Nodame is slovenly it was not understood. Your life which you by any means cannot to remove as ode consider that truly well in slobs. : P
It can utilize simply as MP4 (x264/AAC); If problem of the file is, E-mail shoots me anyone, it encodes it can utilize me you see concerning obtaining another ones.

Renewal, 9/19/10: We brag this video Atlanta 16 of weekend of the Japanese make animation ' announcing that the exactly this weekend it wins best comedy in the contest of the exposition of s! In the same contest, as for Scintilla “now, word accessory “product arrangement prize” from our sponsors” on the other hand the receipt. For the second time, we looked at ventilation as everyone, possessed the fact that the fact that the time is passed is obtained and already registered in order next year to come returning!

7/30/10: The video whose is new from Scintilla: “And now, at exposition 2010 of the Japanese make animation before month word from our sponsors which for the first time are released”, (with show best you win!) And Japanese exposition international 2010 (poll of audience you win!)Observing at that the Tokai bank this weekend debuts at Otakon 2010. Does cord/code Geass supply Pizza Hut product arrangement and DJ? As for tzi it collides from the song which entirely comes to this perhaps you sing with summer camp, AMV together.
It can utilize (XviD or [emupi] three) as MP4 (x264/AAC) or AVI.

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