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6/4/18: Now for the SEVENTH year running, Scintilla will be running the AMV department at AnimeNEXT (June 8-10 in Atlantic City, NJ). Besides the ever-popular contest (the only contest where YOU, the audience, get to decide the winners of the coveted AnimeNEXT medals), we'll also have the fourth annual AMV Sing-Along and, brand new for 2018, a Dance Under the AMVs. (Here's the full schedule.) Come on out and let's have some fun!

8/11/14: Party like it's 2006 with the latest video from Scintilla, "Gibberish in Motion: When AMVs and Animutations Collide", otherwise known as two and a half minutes of flashy randomness and pre-Web-2.0 jokes set to a DDR song infamous for its awfully pronounced (and therefore easy-to-amusingly-mishear) English. If you're a fan of DDR or (F)Animutations, then you're especially likely to actually get the jokes here. Made finals at Otakon 2014.

7/21/14: We've just gotten the good news that both of us have once again made finals in the AMV contest at Otakon (August 8-10 in Baltimore, MD)! Cyanna's got a brand-new video in the Romance/Sentimental category, while Scintilla has a Comedy video you might have seen in 2013 at Anime Weekend Atlanta or Youmacon. Though the con schedule isn't up yet, we are definitely planning to attend the contest screenings and the Iron Editor competition at the very least. Feel free to say hi if you spot us! We don't bite, I promise.

9/11/13: Just dropping in to say that we'll both be at Anime Weekend Atlanta 19, September 27-29 in Atlanta, GA... where we'll also both be premiering new videos! Also, Scintilla has a Creator Spotlight slot in the VAT at 10:30 - 10:45 on Saturday of the con, and we plan to hit up the Editors' Dinner on Thursday night as well... plus just generally hanging out in the VAT a lot throughout the whole weekend, in all probability. Come say hi!

2/4/12: I finally put together a collection of all of my 524 saved Away Messages from AOL Instant Messenger. It's mainly because when I run a web search to see if anyone else out there has thought of some clever twist on a phrase that I've just thought of, I usually can't find anything. So perhaps if someone else out there in the world has the same problem, s/he can find the joke they're looking for on this page and know that s/he is not alone!

It kind of runs the gamut, from simple unmodified phrases from the pop culture of my childhood (like "You are RIGHT, Mr. Fettuccine!" and "Can you believe how much... Pringles you got?") to wilfully misheard lyrics (like "Little Rock, Pasternack, Mickey Mantle, Marowak") to an awful lot of jokes that you'd need to know both very specific sources of to get (like Hoobastank meeting digital audio workstations in "AND THE PRO TOOLS IS YOU" and Beauty and the Beast vs. DDR in "Gaston, you are positively from the Nonstop Megamix" and The Critic meeting college sports in "ALL HAIL UNC! UNC IS LIFE!" and... you get the idea).

7/27/11: With one day left until Otakon, here's Scintilla's new video a little early: "AMVじゃなイカ? (An Anime Music Squideo!)" (for those that don't read Japanese, that's pronounced "AMV ja nai ka?"). It's a fun summertime video about the little squid girl who wants to conquer the human race to get back at them for their wanton pollution of the ocean... but ends up stuck working at a beach house restaurant to pay off damages. This also marks the first time AS has released a video in full HD (1080p)!
Both "AMVじゃなイカ?" and Cyanna's "The 800lb. Gorilla" (not released yet) were selected as finalists in the Dance/Upbeat category of Otakon's AMV contest!

In addition, Scintilla will be the MC for this year's Iron Editor™ competition at Otakon, in which our two contestants have only two hours to come up with the best AMV they can, out of five animé sources known in advance plus one Secret Source. There'll also be audience participation games with fabulous prizes, plus the announcement of the AMV contest winners. So come check it out: Saturday, 6:30-9:30 P.M., in Panel 1!

Update: Scintilla's new video "AMVじゃなイカ?" just took home 1st Place in the Dance/Upbeat category at Otakon! Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote on the videos and make this contest possible. AMV contests would not exist without you, the fans.

6/6/11: It's summer convention season once again! As usual, we'll be at AnimeNEXT (June 10-12 in Somerset, NJ) and Otakon (July 29-31 in Baltimore, MD), and our new 2011 AMVs will be playing at both cons. (Well, we're already confirmed as finalists at AnimeNEXT, but the Otakon finalists won't be selected for another month yet, so here's hoping.)

Also, if you're coming to AnimeNEXT, be sure to check out the brand new fan parody from NoN.D.E. Fanfilms, the same group who brought you "This Is Otakudom" and "S.T.E.A.M.: the Movie":

It'll be showing at 11 P.M. in Main Events -- I've seen the screener myself and it's hilarious, so be sure to check it out! Especially recommended to fans of Akira, Dragon Ball Z, classic video games, and other fan parodies.

Also, in case anybody cares, here's 8 years of Aquiline Studios, by the numbers.

4/4/11: Sorry for being a little late getting the site back to normal. If anyone missed what it looked like for the past three days, I'm keeping it here. (Click any link on that page for even more Engrishy fun!)

3/10/11: It's just been announced that Scintilla's "And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors" has won Best Comedy Video in the A-M-V.org Viewers Choice Awards 2011!
For those of you who don't know, the VCAs are a contest held annually (this was the 10th straight year the contest has been held!) at AnimeMusicVideos.org, in which ALL of the eligible AMVs of the past year are voted on by the ENTIRE Org community. For that reason, I'm quite honored (and somewhat shocked, considering how good the competition was) to be receiving such an award.

A big thank you to everyone who participates every year and makes the VCAs what they are!

11/3/10: Looks like the Burger Dance is spreading faster than we'd hoped -- Check out this Singaporean Zero cosplayer and his friends getting the fast food fever!

9/13/10: New video from Cyanna: "Nausea in D Major", which premiered at Otakon 2010 as a finalist in the Comedy category. Nodame Cantabile to "Weird Al" Yankovic's "I'm So Sick of You" -- I had no idea Nodame could be that slovenly. Consider it an ode to disgusting slobs in your life that you just can't get rid of. :P
Available as an MP4 (x264/AAC) only; if anyone has problems with the file, shoot me an e-mail and I'll see about getting another encode available.

Update, 9/19/10: We're proud to announce that this video just won Best Comedy at Anime Weekend Atlanta 16's Expo contest this weekend! In the same contest, Scintilla's "And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors" received the rather fitting "Product Placement Award". Once again we had a blast getting to see and hang out with everyone, and we've already registered to come back next year!

7/30/10: New video from Scintilla: "And Now, a Word From Our Sponsors", which premiered a month ago at Anime Expo 2010 (won Best in Show!) and Japan Expo International 2010 (won the audience vote!), and is seeing its East Coast debut this weekend at Otakon 2010. Code Geass supplies the Pizza Hut product placement, DJ Ötzi makes a hit out of a song you might have sung at summer camp, and it all comes together in this AMV.
Available as an MP4 (x264/AAC) or an AVI (XviD/MP3).

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